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Customer strategists continue to look for creative ways to share their message and to inform others. They are looking for ways to demonstrate why customer focus is important to the business strategy and how customers feel about the organization.

The communication gets complex because the audience is varied, ranging from external groups like customers and shareholders, to internal teams like sales managers, account managers, product developers, product marketing, service reps, executives...the list goes on and on.

When this infographic came through my twitter feed, I couldn't help but think of different ways customer strategists can use this type of an approach to reach their audience. Here are some of the things that came to mind:

Communications to customers: Customers want to know that their feedback is being put to use. An infographic can be used to share some of the insights you learned from their feedback.

Reach an entire sales organization: Sales teams are geographically dispersed, requiring the use of technology to reach them and let's face it, sales teams want simple. They are busy serving customers and want to spend their time that way. Let's give them something that is easy and enjoyable to digest.

The broad organization: I can visualize an infographic that is focused on communicating how customer feedback is being used for customer retention strategies. It would include statistics like the financial benefit of Loyal customers and demonstrate how customer feedback can be used to predict future customer behaviors.   

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Technology is giving us more options for creating content and distributing our message. Let's use it.  


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