Do you know what problem you are trying to solve?

One common challenge customer-focused leadership faces is knowing the right question to answer or problem to solve. This isn't just a challenge reserved for customer strategists. It is a challenge faced by all leaders.

In the movie Moneyball, this challenge surfaces during a meeting where the Oakland A scouts discuss how they are going to replace their most valuable player. The discussion went something like this: 

Scout 1: "We're trying to solve a problem here Billy."

Billy Beane: "Not like this you're not. You're not even looking at the problem."

Scout 1: "Look Billy. We all understand what the problem is."

Customer Strategy ConsultingBilly Beane: "Good. What's the problem?"

Scout 1: "The problem is, we have to replace three key players."

Billy Beane: "No. What's the problem?"

Scout 2: "Same as it's ever been. We have to replace these guys with what we have existing."

Billy Beane: "No. What's the problem Barry?"

Scout 3: "We need 38 home runs 120 RBIs."

Billy Bean: Makes a buzzer sound indicating another wrong answer and goes on to explain the real problem.

Knowing the real problem that you are trying to address is the first step to developing a customer strategy that will ensure success. Before you get too far down any path, take a step back and challenge the problem you are trying to solve.

Once you've identified the real problem, you can design a customer satisfaction and loyalty program that is aligned with the true business need. 

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