Have a super day (and other nice touches)!

As I grabbed my cup of coffee and began to leave, the Starbucks clerk smiled and said, "Have a super day!" I smiled, chuckled a bit and said, "Absolutely! You too!"

There was more to this short conversation than what it appears.

I live in Indianapolis where the Super Bowl was just played. Thousands of volunteers were recruited to assist visitors at the airport, in hotels, and on the downtown streets. They were all encouraged to complete each conversation by saying, "Have a super day!"

Not surprisingly, it caught on. People in Indianapolis started hearing, "Have a super day," wherever they went. So when this Starbucks employee said this, it wasn't just a typical expression. What she was really saying was, "Hey, enjoy that coffee, but also remember that the Super Bowl is right here in our city this weekend where there is a fantastic energy so enjoy every minute of it!" At least that's what I heard.

It was a nice touch. And nice touches make customers feel good about giving a company their business.

Patrick Gibbons

P.S. Every company should have nice touches. A while back I posted a blog on this topic and here is a link to a book dedicated to helping companies differentiate through G.L.U.E. - giving little unexpected extras.

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