Why Walker Made the Best Places to Work List

In my last blog, I wrote about one of the reasons Walker made the list of Best Places to Work from Consulting Magazine.  There are a couple of other reasons why I think Walker made the list and I will continue to share these reasons over my next couple of blogs.

In this blog, I want to focus on the work Walker does.  Walker has transformed from a research company to a consulting company over the past several years.  As part of that transformation, we have gone from just delivering a bunch of numbers to a client, to giving our clients information that can impact their business and then working with them to maximize the impact the information has on the organization. 

Recently, we had a client where from one survey with us, we saved the client over $21 million dollars and they gained an additional $30 million in new revenue all from using the data we provided in the ways we recommended. 

While at initial glance, it may seem like we just do surveys and provide numbers (and yes, my wife still calls me a data geek) but what we do in actuality is positively impact our client's business.  We can actually see and articulate the impact we are having.  When you can see the impact you are having and the fruit of all your efforts can be seen in actual business results, the work goes from being a job to something one can be passionate about.  

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