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6 Takeaways from the CXPA Members Insight Exchange

Last week marked the inaugural Members Insight Exchange meeting of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA): more than 150 professionals, including practitioners and providers, came together for two days to talk about customer experience best practices, trends, and the emergence of this area as a recognized and fulfilling profession.

In an atmosphere of open sharing and dialogue, it became clear that many companies are making great progress in bringing the voice of their customers into the design of better customer experience and ultimately supporting corporate growth.  It also became clear that even the leading companies have struggled or still are struggling with familiar challenges as they work to evolve their programs. 

In this post, I highlight six themes that I heard over the course of the two days… things to think about as each us builds or enhances our own customer strategies.

1.  Vocal  and visible executive engagement:  gotta’ have it, hard to get it

2.  Employees are a powerful influence – internally and externally, ambassadors are key

3.  Broad communications, again internally and externally, embed thinking about the customer experience into corporate culture

4.  Complex analysis adds value, but must be distilled to simple messages that drive action

5.  Roadmaps help stakeholders understand that customer experience improvement is a journey, not a one-time effort

6.  Small steps and quick wins build momentum

I’m looking forward to supporting the CXPA in it evolves to meet the needs of CX professionals; and to sharing these six takeaways with the great companies that I work with personally to help spur them along their own customer journeys.

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Jennifer Batley

Jennifer Batley

Jennifer advises on CX transformation strategies and collaborates with clients’ executives to establish goals and success metrics that ensure mutually valuable relationships. By understanding needs and opportunities, she ensures Walker’s clients are optimizing customer insights to drive bottom-line business results in alignment with their core strategies, business objectives and brand promises.

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