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Are customers part of your merger and acquisition strategy?

In an effort to keep up with the latest news related to mergers and acquisitions, I am continually educating myself by pilfering through a never-ending inventory of content, online and elsewhere. Recently, I have read a number of very good articles and blogs on merger and acquisition strategies, processes, trends, etc., and many of these articles are very articulate in how they advise completing a successful merger or acquisition. 

mergers and acquisitionsMost recently, I read an article in Consulting Magazine that mentioned some staggering statistics related to the percentage of CEOs that were interviewed not knowing the clear strategic rationale or the long-term financial contribution that the deal would bring to the company.  The article was well done and went on to talk about the right questions to ask and shared many strong points related to today’s mergers and acquisitions climate.  However, nowhere in the article, or in many other articles on this topic, was there any mention of the need to clearly understand the customer base that is being acquired.  

I realize that many mergers and acquisitions are aligned to a pure financial play or intellectual property or other non customer-related attributes, but for those mergers and acquisitions that have greater strategic implications the goal still remains to impact the multiple or potential market share gain or successful entry into a new market.  So shouldn’t it be of primary importance to include a thorough examination of the customer base? Thorough, meaning a deep, fully representational view crossing segments, geographies, and the population as a whole? I have seen, first hand, the fall-out of completing an acquisition without proper due diligence on the customer base.  Needless to say, it didn’t end well.  This does not have to be the case.  Understanding your customers to create competitive advantages begins before and culminates with the completion of an exit with favorable valuation multiples.


Here is the link to the article from Consulting Magazine – it’s worth a read. 

Michael Good
Vice President, Strategic Account Manager

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