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Are you killing your presentations?

Bad presentations are a fact of life. Neither the presenter nor the audience wants them to happen, but they do. In most cases, PowerPoint is to blame. Not the software, which is a valuable tool, but the presentation the speaker creates. The slides become the focal point of the presentation and are not used as a supplement. In essence, slides are used to “kill” a topic.

For example, how many times have you been in a meeting where you thought the deluge of slides would never end? The presentation continues slide after boring slide. Or have you sat through a presentation where everything the speaker says is already on the slide?

What does this have to do with my customer feedback program? It greatly influences how your important data is received. A concise presentation that demonstrates the key facts about your customers can have more of an effect than one packed with every piece of customer information. Your goal should be to get the voice of the customer to your organization in a way that makes a positive impact.

Simplifying your presentations and tailoring them to your audience can increase interest in your customer loyalty programs.

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Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

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  1. Dan – thanks for sharing this. It’s one of the greatest PPTs I’ve ever watched. I’ve actually only witnessed a single person put on a presentation with a great slide deck – Seth Godin.

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