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Are You Ready for Generation ‘C’?

There is a lot of buzz about the latest emerging generation – Generation C. They get their name from their biggest common trait, which is connectivity. While some theories suggest this generation of tech-savvy and social networking individuals can be defined by birth year, many claim that Generation C is really just a state of mind.

While all of us today realize the importance of ever-changing technology and the increasing demand to provide greater value to our customers, there are a couple of other key things to point out as Generation C becomes more and more prominent in the world:

  • The pace of innovation will only increase as Generation C pushes for an even broader digital world.
  • Co-creation and collaboration (more C’s!) will be an absolute requirement for customers to realize the value companies provide by 2020.
  • Customer feedback will flow into companies in a much more rapid fashion, including both structured and unstructured data. Successful companies will be ones who can balance being proactive in gathering structured data, and reactive to the unstructured customer information surrounding them.
  • A continued focus on connectivity will advance developing markets, offering a new set of potential customers for many industries.

Much of the focus on Generation C is about their characteristics as a group. However, changes in how the workforce operates will alter the dynamic between companies and customers as well. Those who embrace the change and see Generation C as a key asset to understanding customers on a deeper level will likely have an advantage when we see more and more of these individuals joining our companies.

Are you ready for Generation C?

Katie Kiernan
Vice President, Consulting Services

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