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Are Your Follow-up Efforts Driving Change?

Recently I had the privilege of visiting a client about their customer feedback program. A flight to Dallas and car rental was in order to make my way to their facility.
Perfect flight.  Perfect service.  Horrible car.  On the highway I realized there was no visibility when I wanted to change lanes. “Blind spot” is an understatement. I couldn’t see a thing. My colleague had to check the traffic to see if it was safe to change lanes. Truly it is amazing we didn’t get in an accident.

Afterwards, the car rental company sent a survey about the experience. Being in the customer strategy business, I shared my thoughts – the positive about the service and the negative about the car. The customer service area sent an email back in response. In theory this is good practice; I also encourage my clients to follow up on certain survey responses. 

However, no one took the time to review my feedback prior to sending that email. I had already provided input on why I was dissatisfied with the vehicle. Instead of asking me to reply to the email “If you would like to provide more feedback on why your rental was unsatisfactory” I wish they would have asked what the obstacles were to seeing out the driver’s side or how tall I am to understand if there are limitations to who should drive that type of car.   

At the end of the day, fortunately we made it home safely. I provided feedback to prevent an accident for someone else because they couldn’t see other traffic. My hope is the rental car company cares enough to get past the task of follow-up — to drive change and ensure the safety of other customers.  

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President

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