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Noah Grayson

As a senior vice president and strategic account manager, Grayson’s primary responsibilities include the management of all aspects of client relationships, including design, implementation, and analysis of specific programs. He also provides strategic deployment consulting to help clients maximize the use of the information. Playing an active role in translating program findings and conclusions into actionable recommendations, Grayson works with client management and employees to facilitate the implementation of information into quality improvement strategies. Grayson has been a Walker associate since 1991, and he has gained significant experience in the field of customer intelligence and strategies. He works with a variety of clients and has specialized in long-term client relationships in the communications and technology industries, including computer hardware and software, networking, Internet, telecommunications, and cable television. Grayson earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in economics from Ball State University and his master’s degree in business administration from Anderson University.
Noah Grayson

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