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Barriers to CX strategy

Today’s CEOs say customer experience is the most effective way to differentiate from the competition. Yet far too many companies do not realize the full impact and potential. Here are three common barriers most likely to stall progress and threaten overall CX strategy.

  1. Authority – In many organizations, CX professionals don’t have direct responsibility for resources. They have to rely on their influence to get attention and then hope for success. This lack of authority extends to people, resources and the budgets necessary to drive customer-focused improvement initiatives.
  2. Access – The customer experience spans many organizational functions, levels and geographies, but too often the CX professional has limited access and exposure to the resources and is ultimately limited by the organizational structure. In attempts to work across silos, some departments may cooperate; others won’t, derailing CX improvements that require collaboration. Similarly, access to data is also a challenge.
  3. Action and Accountability – CX professionals can no longer afford to simply provide recommendations to the business. CX professionals must stay front and center until the experience is improved from the customer perspective. Without CX’s continued involvement, the effect of customer experience efforts is unclear and unsubstantiated, impacting the long-term viability of CX programs.

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