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Become a customer expert

Here are six ways to become a customer expert:

  1. An expert would need to know how to measure customer loyalty in a very practical way. This means gathering all the right customer insights so the information can be put to use.
  2. They would need to understand what drives loyalty – how it is relevant and where resources should be focused. This would include making sure customer initiatives aligned with the strategies of the business.
  3. Communication is a part of an expert's training. Everyone has to be aware of the customer initiatives and understand the role they play.
  4. An expert would also need to know how to prompt action. They must be able to mobilize their employees to put customer information to use in the most productive ways.
  5. Experts must validate the impact of their work. They will need to understand how to determine if the application of customer insights is showing a positive return on their investment.
  6. Finally, they need to know how to manage all the people and resources for their customer strategies.

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