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Branding for customer success

VocalPoint screenshotWe have previously discussed why branding your voice of the customer program internally is important, which is primarily to increase awareness and buy-in from the different functions within your organization, but what about branding your program externally.

I recently came across a website called VocalPoint, which resembles an online community, but is in fact a customer listening tool to garner feedback and communicate with P&G’s primary target customer, mothers. P&G has gone to an extreme and branded their program by making it a constant avenue for gathering feedback.

VocalPoint has the features of a customer community by engaging P&G’s target audience, but it is also an avenue to solicit input from the site’s users to make the company more customer centric. They have a listening section where the users can sign up for focus groups, surveys, and specific programs, but is a little deceptive because they don’t really come out and say it is for their own market research to enhance their product offerings.

Some people may feel taken advantage of if they realize it is driven solely for P&G marketing, but the majority will be willing to knowlingly partake since they are getting rewarded for their participation.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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