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Break It Down

This past week, my family was asked to donate money to assist in continued building renovations of my daughters’ daycare. The presentation began with the purpose of the fund, shared before and after pictures of the improvements made thus far along with the expense of each renovation completed. Next steps were then shared: the remaining phases to tackle different areas and the money needed to complete them. The speaker wrapped up by asking each family in the audience to consider what they could contribute to reach the goal of raising $1 million dollars over the next 2 years.

These improvements would benefit my children for a handful of years, and many more children in the future. So why did we not pull out our check book and donate right then?

Ultimately, it was because we did not see how the amount we knew we could comfortably contribute would make an impact.

What if the speaker had closed with: “We need $1 million dollars and here are some ways we can reach that goal. There are X number of families here. If each family contributed $X per year for the next Z years, we would be able to complete the renovations.” What if he had taken broken that $1M dollars down to a dollar figure that each family could see how their individual actions would make an impact?

Breaking it down also applies when asking your organization to take action on voice of the customer feedback. We can share all of the positive outcomes an organization can enjoy by maintaining a loyal customer base. Information can be shared as to why it is so important to convert Trapped or High Risk customers to Loyal. When it is all said and done, does everyone in the organization understand how they can make an impact on maintaining or converting customers? How the contributions they could make would ultimately impact a customer to feel more committed to the company?

When sharing voice of the customer feedback, consider closing with: “And this may be what your department can do to help make an impact.” Formal action plans, with owners, responsibilities, steps to accomplish and completion dates defined, should be developed to help keep the department on track and used to communicate back to the customers what actions are being taken based on their feedback. For others, where specific actions may not be as clear, brainstorm ways to incorporate the voice of the customer into what is done on a daily basis. The entire organization has the ability to ultimately influence customer sentiment. Explain and explore how everyone, regardless of role, can take action.

It is easy to believe that my small contribution would not make a significant impact on raising $1 million dollars. If you don’t understand or know how to take action on insights learned from Customer Loyalty programs, it’s easy to assume what you do every day won’t make an impact. If we break customer insights down to levels everyone can understand, ways of taking action may become more apparent, to everyone.

Lauri Jones
Senior Analyst

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