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Building the Lego Brand

LegoI love the Lego brand. Many hours of my childhood were spent building and creating with these interlocking pieces. In fact I still have a majority of my collection. So how does a company like Lego remain viable in an era where videogames and technology are king?

Lego has been fighting the decline facing most toy companies by listening to the customers. Early on, Lego realized that adults who had grown up with their product had a high opinion of the company and still spent large amounts of money on their products. Lego started a corporate habit of tracking what Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL) were saying through social media outlets and then acting on the feedback. They have even taken it as far as to include members of the AFOL community into new product development.

The attention given to the AFOL’s has boosted Lego’s bottom line. The lesson: take time to listen to key customers, but don’t stop there. Actively engage them. Let them know you’re listening and you want their opinion.

Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

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