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Can We Make This a Little Easier?

Finally – the paperwork to change my name was complete and it was time to get a new driver’s license! 

First try: With paperwork in hand, I drove to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I drove. And, I drove. I drove around in circles. (Apparently the office had moved and I was working off of old information.) 

Next try: I went to another office that tends to be busier, but I knew where it was located. Apparently the system was down. “If you can come back later, it would be a good idea.” That’s convenient.

Third try: After doing some investigation, I had the address to the new facility. (I’m not sure how I missed it…) I walked in and before I knew it, I was at the front of the line.  

·         Do you have your old driver’s license? Yes. 

·         Do you have the updated social security card? Yes. 

·         Did you move? Yes.

·         Do you have a computer generated bill with your new address? Ah, no…

Fourth try: There was a longer line, but I made it through pretty quickly. Paperwork – check. Picture – check. Pay – check. Done!

Finally I have a new driver’s license. I have to tell you, I might have given up if I didn’t really need to have it. The process was more difficult that it really needed to be.  

Does that ever happen with a customer program? 

·         Have you found information users referencing old or out-of-date information? 

·         Do you find sometimes that people think they “know” the answer without doing the homework required to confirm it?

·         Does the process sometimes not work as smoothly as it should?

·         Do the folks who are supposed to take action sometimes not have all of the information they need? 

Recently, a customer advocate discovered members of their team had a misunderstanding of some of the key components of their program and they did not have all of the information needed to take action.  As a result, some of the people who were supposed to take action – didn’t. 

I encourage you to make sure communications and training materials for your customer program are available, that they contain current information, and that they are shared throughout your organization as appropriate. We don’t want your teams to give up – let’s make it easier to take action! 

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President




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