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Capturing the Voice of the Customer from your Own Sales People

Interest in capturing and quantifying the voice of employees is growing – and in this case, I’m not talking about "employee satisfaction" but rather "voice of the customer" THROUGH the employee’s view point.

This is something companies do all the time, but often in a more anecdotal way.  Some voices are inevitably much louder than others, and often times the anecdotes are not strong enough to persuade quick actions.  Capturing the employee perspective in a more thoughtful, organized, and balanced way can become far more compelling.

An example – recently we’ve developed a targeted study aimed at understanding the factors behind a handful of very large lost deals from the perspective of the sales team.  In this study, we’ll be able to organize a lot of different inputs and learnings about the competition, and make that info available to the sales force at large to help strengthen their positioning on future deals.  We’ll also be able to quantify the loss drivers – price, value, solution, etc.  What’s more, I think we will also gain some important goodwill and buy-in to their overall VOC architecture from this critical internal stakeholder group as a result.

Now, you’ll see the obvious push-back that some VOC managers will face — Why do we need to debrief?  We’ve got to stay 100% focused on the next deal…   A colleague of mine put it very astutely when he countered … "Tell me about any NFL coach that doesn’t watch reels of film after a game loss."  There’s always something we can learn from our experiences if we take the time to analyze the data in an objective way.

Krista Roseberry

VP, Consulting Services


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