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Caution: Detour Ahead

Sometimes even the most perfectly laid plans can go a bit off track. With school back in session and summer winding down, many of us are taking one last weekend road trip. On just such a trip, my family encountered a detour due to road construction. The detour necessitated driving several miles out of the way, taking extra time – thus we arrived later at our final destination than originally planned. 

Detours are a fact of life when you’re on the road, just as obstacles and barriers are a fact of life as part of the Customer Experience journey. Being aware of common obstacles and having a plan to overcome them is critical.

Recently, a customer advocate faced a major obstacle when communicating results – skepticism. Having a skeptical crew can be a major roadblock to getting them to take action on customer feedback. Ideally you can address it early in the process and get the buy-in ahead of time. Involving the right people at the right stages is extremely helpful in avoiding or minimizing skepticism. 

Unfortunately detours are often a surprise. In instances of unexpected skepticism, it is important to uncover the root cause – otherwise, you might spin your wheels trying to get around the wrong obstacle. Using techniques such as “The Five Whys” can be a great way to confirm the root cause of the skepticism. From there, update your road map to get around the detour and get back on track!

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President



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