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Celebrating Milestones

At this time of year we often have a chance to reflect and celebrate milestones in our lives.  In May, many celebrated as high school seniors began the transition to college by attending their high school graduation ceremony. June is still the most popular month for weddings, where we celebrate the blessed union of the happy couple. That also means many couples celebrate their wedding anniversary in June (usually with more fanfare for key milestones like the 50th anniversary).

Have you taken the time to celebrate the key milestones of your customer strategy initiatives? Recently one of my clients reflected on the evolution of their effort to delight customers. Some key events along the way have lead to their current success, including:

–        Making the decision to gather customer feedback

–        Implementing an event-based program, followed shortly thereafter with a relationship assessment

–        Making some progress, but realizing there was not broad application

–        Recognizing the need for a partner to help design a best-in-class solution

–        Getting other departments involved with the redesign effort

–        Engaging an executive sponsor to ensure strategic focus

–        Using technology to get the word out

–        Be prepared to take action through ownership and accountability

Steve Walker has commented many times this is a journey – so why not celebrate along the way?

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President

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