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Collaboration 2.0

Collaboration and Web 2.0 are two hot topics on the conference scene. Sure, there are others – like innovation and co-creation – but collaboration and 2.0 are everywhere. In just the last few weeks, they’ve been at the SAMA conference in Hollywood, FL; EMC World in Orlando; MRIA in Montreal; and Walker’s own Spring Forum in Dana Point, CA.

Strategic account management is all about collaboration: getting a group of people together to interact and exchange knowledge as they work to achieve a shared goal or resolve a business issue. But are we always as collaborative as we could be, or should be? Do we overlook people who could add to the process and lead to a better solution? Think about the issues you are working on today… now think beyond your ‘core’ group both internally and at your client’s company – who else could you get involved?

Now, think even more broadly. The 2.0 world is expanding the everyday reach of business. You probably already have a network of expertise at your fingertips in tools like LinkedIn, twitter, and blogs. Use it! It’s a great source for brainstorming, subject-specific expertise and real-life examples. And best of all, it is fast.

At this level, collaboration can even be used for something as simple as finding the right word:

 Twitter collaboration

elapsed time?  42 minutes

I don’t know how @erichollebone is going to use this description of the purchase cycle, but there are at least four other people who have ideas of how it might be applied. I hope you are getting some ideas of your own ~ it’s been great collaborating with you!

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

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