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0 thoughts on “Comcast = Xfinity

  1. Melissa – Charlie from Comcast here. Just wanted to underscore that Xfinity is the new name for our products – Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice – but the company name, Comcast, remains the same. Additionally, when our ad campaign begins in earnest this Friday, you’ll see that Xfinity will be "brought to you by Comcast" or "presented by Comcast" so the Comcast name and brand will be very closely associated with Xfinity.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I’m Scott and I’m the Chief Blogger over at Comcast. I just wanted to point out that Comcast, the company, isn’t changing out name. We are branding our services (that is video, voice, and high speed Internet) as XFINITY.

    You can find out more at our blog:

    We are also concerned about customer service which is why we’re launched the Customer Guarantee:

    We’ll be blogging more about that in the coming weeks.

  3. The customer service guarantee is a joke; they still have the same customer service. The name change from Comcast to Xfinity is not going to make people forget who they are or how they acted in the past. In my personal experience, Comcast has a lot of issues in their customer service department, that’s ultimately why I disconnected their TV service. I can understand re-branding and the marketing gimmick, but they will always be just plain old Comcast to me. Just because they are changing their name to Xfinity, doesn’t mean the service is changing. It just seems like a way to charge more money for the same services already provided. At DISH Network we haven’t changed our name and still have lower prices on our programming than Comcast. As a DISH Network customer and employee I switched from Comcast to DISH, and have never been happier with my pay TV service.

  4. If the only change with the company is the name and not the customer service, monopolies, and over pricing then a name change won’t really alter people’s feelings about them. Working for DISH Network and seeing how a company works with stability confirms my belief that stability will lead to a successful company. The lowest every day pricing and award winning equipment is the way to go. Comcast hasn’t even upgraded their DVR in 5 years.

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