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Common Misconceptions of Text Analytics

Text analytics is a tool that can help to maximize the value of open-ended feedback. Here are some common misconceptions about text analytics:

  1. The Silver Lining: this tempting potential has often led to the belief that text analytics is somewhat of a “silver bullet” that can magically and immediately solve all of our customer experience issues. Finding those “nuggets” of insight is probably comparable to actually mining for gold back in the 1800s – you know more or less where to look, and sometimes even what you’re looking for, but it can take some time and elbow grease to find valuable insights.
  2. Not just pushing a button: we can’t just press a button and “do text analytics.” Detailed setups, fine-tuning, and interpreting results are all required to make the optimal use of unstructured data.
  3. Determine correct data: all of this assumes that the correct data source to pursue has been identified. Different data sources meet different business needs. Correct data also includes the interpretation of it – finding good, concise themes that resonate with your needs often presents that same gold mining challenge.

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