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Common survey practices to stop

While surveys will always be a method for gathering valuable feedback, there are several survey practices that are no longer advantageous:

  • Overdependence on surveys must stop. A “survey-first” mentality is harming our ability to create actionable insights.

  • Bloated and repetitive relationship surveys must stop. Long relationship surveys are great for establishing a baseline but do not need to be constantly repeated.

  • Asking questions to which we already know (or should know) the answer must stop. This only makes surveys longer and makes customers wonder, “Do they really know me?”

  • Asking the customer about things they don’t care about must stop. Too often every customer receives the same question set, regardless of their individual and unique experiences with the company.

  • Asking questions that will not prompt action must stop. If your company is not going to take action then don’t ask about it.

  • Seeking a census. Except in very specific instances, we do not need to send survey invites to every customer.

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