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Creating the Killer Value Proposition

I’m not professing to have all the answers in the quest for the ultimate value proposition. But, I have watched enough of them lose their zest that I feel compelled to share an observation. The definition of your value proposition has to start and end with the customer. Customers hire a product or service to do a job. You have to know what job they want your product or service to do in order to communicate your value in the most irresistible way. And you can’t make assumptions. In fact, the only right answer will come directly from customers. Here are three questions you can ask your customers to help you better align your value proposition to their needs.

  1. What problem is the customer trying to solve?
  2. Does your product or service help them solve this problem completely?
  3. What does the customer have to do to make your product work for them the way they want it to work?

What considerations or ideas do you have for companies trying to create the killer value proposition?

Noah Grayson
Senior Vice President

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