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Customer Experience Analytics – The Next Generation

This week, Walker is out in Las Vegas with EMC, a leading cloud computing, big data and IT solution provider, who are hosting their biggest annual gathering of customers and partners – EMC World (if you happen to be attending EMC World, please stop by and see us at the Total Customer Experience (TCE) booth #463).  Threaded throughout the keynotes and science fiction themed festivities is a strong emphasis on the customer experience (CX) and, in keeping with the overall conference message, redefining “what’s next” for CX.

Most customer support centers have some kind of process to gather feedback from their customers after they have addressed issues.   But, what if the customer chooses not provide any feedback?   Or worse:  what if you are missing feedback from an important slice of your customer base and don’t know how they feel about an important interaction – a moment of truth.

EMC strives for world-class customer experiences, and in recent years, that includes getting more PROACTIVE about managing the customer experience.  EMC wanted a way to connect with customers who did not receive or respond to short surveys.  Working collaboratively, Walker created a proactive and targeted follow-up process using predictive analytics.  The predictive model leverages other forms of customer intelligence that are already readily available in most support centers.

Think of the advertising world.  Advertisers target customers every day – if a customer buys nachos, they receive coupons for salsa.  The CX predictive process takes that same logic and applies it to the world of customer experience management.   Walker used a series of predictive modeling approaches that leverage the hundreds of data points that EMC already collects about support experiences (time to resolve, number of call transfers, severity of the case, and the list goes on).

With this approach, EMC can now predict when customers are prone to be dissatisfied, even when they have not yet mentioned a problem.  This allows EMC to target their resources more effectively – the model is 15x more efficient than trying to follow-up with customers at-random.  And it’s delighting customers along the way.  I think this comment from an EMC manager sums it up:  “The customer actually said 'WOW!' when I described why I was calling.”  


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Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton

As senior vice president and strategic account manager, Clayton works with Walker’s clients to help them increase customer retention, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Clayton brings more than twenty years of experience in the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. Most recently he was responsible for the management of Ipsos Loyalty’s CX initiatives with West Coast-based technology sector clients, serving as senior advisor during the design, insights generation and deployment phases of their global programs.

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