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Customer experience roles of the future

With changing customer demands, the roles and responsibilities of the customer experience team will need to evolve to include the following roles:

  1. Chief Customer Office (CCO) – there must be someone in the organization – reporting to the CEO or another top executive – charged with creating a relentless focus on the customer throughout the enterprise.
  2. Strategy Team – there is a cross-functional strategy team that is responsible for prioritizing initiatives, allocating the appropriate resources, tracking progress on action plans, and communicating initiatives and progress to customers and employees.
  3. Customer Intelligence Advocates – this role will ensure customer information is not duplicated, meaning they will not ask customers what they should already know, and the right areas are using the right customer intelligence.
  4. Information Architect – the management of data becomes vital as customer information comes from a wider variety of sources and more areas of the company rely on it.
  5. Data Scientist – this role will lead the way in determining how companies can best leverage multiple sources of information to predict customer behaviors and perceptions and will work with subject matter experts to use these predictions to prescribe action.
  6. Top Account Support – responsibilities include sharing customer intelligence related to individual accounts, reviewing account plans to ensure customer needs are addressed, tracking the execution of account plans, and sharing best practices and approaches.
  7. Engagement Creator – Getting and keeping customers engaged will be a strategic initiative will be the primary responsibility of this role.

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