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Customer Voices Inform VOC Roadmaps

If you’ve read my other blogs from EMC World this week ("To Boldly Go Where No CX Program Has Gone Before"  and "Customer Experience Analytics – The Next Generation"), you’ll have seen that EMC’s Total Customer Experience (TCE) team is using a variety of innovative techniques in the world of Customer Experience (CX) to listen to their customers and drive continuous improvement.

I spoke in those blogs about a new "in the moment" feedback mechanism captured via mobile device, as well as a predictive analytics program that proactively reaches out to customers, without even having to survey them to know of an issue.  While these are cutting edge approaches, like most other leading companies focused on CX, EMC utilizes a wide variety of listening techniques including more traditional structured surveys, such as their ongoing Product Improvement survey.

Facilitated by Walker, the Product Improvement survey captures global feedback each quarter about EMC’s top products. We call this an "optimized" survey because it targets a specific set of customers – technical users who had a recent experience with a very specific product – and because it’s short and sweet (less than 5 minutes). It drills deep into an evaluation of the product to capture feedback on features and functionality, scalability, and technical documentation, to name just a few.

But EMC doesn’t stop there – they combine the feedback with other inputs like product versions and recent releases, and internal tracking metrics (for example, reliability) in order to provide a holistic view of the health of its products. All of the information is then consolidated and shared proactively with EMC’s product teams in order to drive improvements to product features and functionality, as well as to service.     

Interested in learning more?  If you happen to be attending EMC World, please stop by and see us at the Total Customer Experience (TCE) booth #463 – the Experience Analytics Bridge at the TCE booth includes a number of live CX data visualizations, one of which showcases EMC’s Product Improvement survey.    


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Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton

As senior vice president and strategic account manager, Clayton works with Walker’s clients to help them increase customer retention, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Clayton brings more than twenty years of experience in the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. Most recently he was responsible for the management of Ipsos Loyalty’s CX initiatives with West Coast-based technology sector clients, serving as senior advisor during the design, insights generation and deployment phases of their global programs.

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