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CX role in innovation

When it comes to innovating the customer experience, CX professionals serve as the customer’s proxy, identifying ways the experience can be improved and translating that opportunity into the language of the CEO and other business leaders. Here are five ways CX professional can innovate the customer experience:

  1. Embrace the innovation process by creating breakthrough customer experiences. Discovery, validation, idea generation and mapping are components of an approach aimed at providing the information and insights needed to design ideal customer experiences.
  2. Build strategic relationships with people in key departments. Becoming truly engaged in the business, CX professionals create relationships with people across the enterprise to forge the alliances needed to get the job done. The relationship encompasses more than delivering customer intelligence. It must create mutual value for all parties.
  3. Create a clear vision that will encourage innovative thinking, promote results-oriented planning or provide direction for meaningful action. Creating a specific and well-defined vision of the customer journey is the first step in developing a differentiated experience.
  4. Map the ideal customer journey to determine specifically where and how to incorporate differentiation into key customer interactions. It’s important not to lose sight of what the customer is trying to accomplish and focus efforts in those areas.
  5. Obtain market-based intelligence to uncover new insights. Win/loss assessments and other market-focused programs can generate valuable insights from won/lost customers and those close to the decision-making process. Illuminating differences between you and your competitors not only helps pinpoint why you get the business but also informs potential avenues for differentiation and innovation.

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