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Do you have an internal marketing plan?

Internal MarketingEvery company should have an internal marketing plan to keep their employees aware of the company’s efforts and philosophies. It may not be a structured plan, but all companies need some type of communication vehicle to share their vision, goals, brand, and values. It’s better to define these vehicles and determine what the best and most effective method of delivery is in your company. Everyone should be striving to reach a common goal, but how can they do that if they don’t know what the goal is?

So whether or not your company has a corporate internal marketing plan, you should create a plan for your customer loyalty program to share your customer relationship strategy. Developing a plan for your program is essential in enhancing your customer focus and getting it ingrained into your company’s culture and building customer loyalty.

“As companies empower staff to build stronger customer relationship, internal marketing underpins the drive for greater involvement, commitment, and understanding.”
  –  BNET Editorial

The “Planning Internal Marketing” blog post by BNET Editorial is a great place to start, and the book Internal Marketing can give you more insights on how and why to create an internal marketing plan.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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  1. As a company we do not have an internal marketing plan. I would love to have a sample so as to appreciate its importance.

  2. i would like to have an internal marketing plan that will encourage adoption of the role of marketing, which eventually lead to motivated customer oriented staff.

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