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Do you know your audience?

One of the first things to consider in a marketing campaign is to know who your target audience is. It doesn’t make much sense to create a campaign for your business consulting firm that appeals to teenagers if the people who want your service are middle-aged.

This tactic is also true for internal marketing. Think of it as a form of customer segmentation, but the employees are your customers. If you are trying to promote your customer loyalty program to executives, you should take a different approach than if you are targeting the customer service department. You will get a lot more traction if you focus your efforts to specific areas in your company.

You can accomplish this by creating multiple targeted campaigns, or one general campaign that can be adjusted for certain areas of your company. Point out what customer listening can do for their role, or how they can utilize it for their benefit. Not only will your audience pay more attention to the campaign, but they will get more out of it as well.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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