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You probably weren’t expecting a thank you note for reading this blog.  There are times though when you would be offended if you didn’t receive one, for example after sending a friend a shower or wedding gift. 

How do you think your customers feel if they aren’t thanked for providing feedback for your relationship assessment?  After all, they have taken the time to provide answers to the questions that you believe will help maintain a successful business.  Chances are that they weren’t offended.  However, I bet they would be delighted to know that you received their feedback and that you plan to take action upon it.

Too many times organizations get hung up on the content of the follow-up note to customers, sometimes to the point of not sending one at all.  They worry about how specific they should be when describing their intended actions.  I contend that in most instances you really don’t have to go into a great deal of detail about the actions you plan to take.  Instead, just let customers know that you listened to them.

Another concern that organizations typically have about sending thank you notes is who they should be sent to.  Should everyone who was invited to respond receive one, or only those who actually provided feedback?   Personally, I believe that everyone should receive the note because we have seen that program response rates improve over time when customers are thanked.  This way everyone knows that you plan to take action on the feedback you received.  You could even go as far as letting non-responders know that they will get another chance to provide their opinions the next time feedback is gathered.

Don’t get stressed about sending out customer thank yous.   It only took me a couple of minutes to jot down a few lines to say thanks for reading this blog.  I just tried to show my appreciation as best I could.  Thank you notes don’t have to be elaborate.  They just need to express your gratitude.  Try to send one to your customers the next time you solicit their feedback and watch what happens to your response rate.  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

Michelle Norman
VP, Consulting Services

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