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Faith in Humanity Restored!

Our family recently went on vacation to Alaska (as an aside – you really need to add a trip to Alaska to your bucket list.)  It was truly amazing in terms of the scenery, the wildlife, as well as all of the travel logistics required for the land tours and cruise.   But then we hit a snag on the way home.

A prized possession of my oldest stepson is his iPod Touch.  He takes it everywhere.   He has his favorite music loaded on it, along with several videos.  He pulls it out and listens to songs wherever he is.  During the course of our vacation, he listened to it on every flight, bus ride, train excursion, and even on the cruise ship. 
On the return trip home we had a connection in Denver (DIA) and found a charging station.  After spending a few hours at the airport and having some Häagen-Dazs, we eventually made our way onto the flight home.  Unfortunately the prized iPod Touch stayed at the charging station.  In Denver.  Uh oh. 

I have to admit, we were all skeptical that he would ever see it again.  We all had the belief that anyone who picked it up would ultimately keep it for themselves.  Though we took action and submitted a claim with lost & found, we all just knew it was gone forever. 

As a Customer Advocate – Have you ever had a starting point assumption like that – where you just know what will happen?  

"Account Managers are not interested and do not have time to follow up with customers.”  

"Our organization is just not ready for this kind of change.”

"There is no way our senior leaders will support this.”

Sometimes when one has assumptions like these, they do not even try to take action.  A Customer Advocate may make the decision to not waste the time and energy required.  

But, the thing is, what we “know” to be true can be completely wrong! 

In my case, a Good Samaritan found the iPod Touch at the charging station at the Denver airport and took it home to California.  Then, he looked through the contacts and found a relative’s name and number.  After a quick conversation, he located my stepson and arranged to send it back to him.  Really, it’s true!  It has already arrived and is back in use. 

Not only is my faith in humanity restored – but this also serves as a good lesson to limit negative thinking.

In your Customer Loyalty initiatives, use possibility thinking and put plans in place to make change happen. 

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President, Client Service



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