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Five questions to ask before you take action

Here are five key questions all Customer Experience (CX) professionals must ask.

  1. Do we have the right culture? Possibly the toughest aspect to control is the culture of the organization. The company has to believe that customer initiatives are a priority and the focus on customers must be visible throughout the organization.
  2. Do we have a good strategy in place? There needs to be a strategy in place that includes specific goals, a leader with influence, a committed team, a roadmap, and the authority to make it all happen.
  3. How strong is our customer intelligence? This involves developing a system for gathering and distributing the right customer intelligence. It’s about making the most of existing information to predict behaviors and anticipate future needs.
  4. Do we take action? In any organization there are countless individuals that should use customer intelligence to improve the decisions they make. They need to be aware of what is available and must understand how it can best be leveraged.
  5. How well do we implement change? To generate results, real change has to occur. CX professionals must follow through to ensure improvements have been made and the impact of those improvements has been measured.

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