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Five traps to avoid when setting goals

Setting goals based on customer insights is an effective way to create action, but be aware of these common traps:

  1. Make sure you have the right metric(s): Plan for some testing to ensure the metric predicts the desired outcome. Typically, goals for various parts of the organization align with metrics that are specific to that area, while the overall company goal (e.g., revenue growth) is tied to a high-level metric (e.g., customer loyalty).
  2. Pick just three goals: While customer survey research can identify many opportunities, it is best to limit the focus to a handful of initiatives to avoid stretching too thin.
  3. Allow enough time: In order for a metric to move, action needs to take place. Allow for enough time to ensure action happens and the desired change has been felt by customers.
  4. Set goals that are realistic: Make sure the goals aren’t too challenging or not challenging enough. The goals should engage the organization.
  5. Data quality: Make sure the goals are built with a solid understanding of the quality and reliability of the data.

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