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Focusing on the Objective

I came across an article this week that caught my attention(  Not only is it amazing technology and great design information, it reinforces a question we always ask when embarking on a new IT project:  What is the objective and what problem are we trying to solve?  
In this case, Google wants to present the most relevant results to the first place end users look on the page.  As I read the article, I kept thinking to myself "wow, this makes so much sense".  I like it because I can appreciate all of the technology that went into making this easy for the end user and how much they were really able to focus on the core question.  
IT projects inevitably become complex as we dive into the details, but the end solution doesn’t always need to be.  After all, most of the time we are trying to make complex problems simple.  A huge component of success is how much of the complexity you can hide and what you can automate for the end user.  I think they nailed it by focusing on the core objective and never losing site throughout the design process.

Mike Schwarz
Team Leader – Information Solutions

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