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Foolish CX: Don’t Be Tricked by Text Analytics

Does your text analytics implementation or VoC program seem like a joke? If so, maybe you're falling for one of these blunders:

  • Not listening appropriately: Not all data is created equally. Having a listening post – survey questionnaire, social media account, etc. – doesn't guarantee that it's being used correctly. Identifying the right metric to use for your text analytics project is key for success.
  • Not using the right software: We use Clarabridge to help turn unstructured text data into a manageable, structured format. We then pair Clarabridge's offerings with our own technology, allowing for customized data integration, manipulation, and understanding.
  • Not integrating the results: Text analytics can be confusing and, sometimes, make us want to run back to the comfort of quantitative data. Over 80% of data is unstructured/qualitative, though, so we can't just ignore it. Not using the qualitative data paired with quantitative results robs us of a full, robust image of the customer.

What other blunders might derail a text analytics program? Leave a comment to share your thoughts or experiences!

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Amanda Wray

Amanda Wray

Amanda leads Walker’s text analytics initiative, helping to turn vast amounts of qualitative data into manageable, insightful results. She weaves together this valuable unstructured feedback with quantitative results to provide a robust, 360-degree view of the customer, partner, or employee. Text analytics can provide powerful results, and Amanda helps clients to realize that potential.

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