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Get your CEO on YouTube

An effective method of communicating your customer loyalty program is by getting your CEO or corporate sponsor to create a short motivational video for your intranet. A personal message from your CEO will encourage employees to take notice of the program and give it credibility.

With the popularity of YouTube, video is now easier to produce than it has ever been before. Modern video cameras and software make it easy to create and put the video on the web. You don’t need an elaborate studio or production staff to create a video for your company. YouTube has made homemade videos acceptable, and expensive, high-end production quality video is no longer necessary.

Just keep in mind to try and keep the video motivating so it isn’t just a boring talking head. A little editing by adding graphs or pictures can add a lot to make it more interesting. For an example of a nicely created video for employees view the Alaska Airlines video below.

For more information on how to create video for your company, explore the Videomaker website.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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