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Getting Fresh

Sometimes managing a strategic account means sitting down with an unlikely group to talk about blowing up ‘what is’ and map a path to ‘what could be.’

This week I had the opportunity to spend a day with a client’s extended Voice of the Customer team.  This included internal stakeholders from critical business units as well as representatives from five companies who support the initiative.  Yes, we are competitors – but we also collaborate to support this client in driving optimal use of their customer feedback, and the objective of this session was to launch a complete rethinking of their customer listening system.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this client’s system – in fact, many consider it to be outstanding – but it has been running for several years, and over time their business and strategies have changed.  In a situation like this, it makes good sense to step back and get a fresh perspective on things.  Discussion was lively and covered strategic questions (What does the future look like?) and tactical considerations (What does and doesn’t work today?).

As a group, we left with a renewed vision and a commitment to taking this client’s program to the next level in terms of relevance, alignment, communication and actionability.

When was the last time you got fresh with your accounts?

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

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