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Great Service – Check Here!

I love when I get great service, don’t you?  


All of us have many opportunities to experience service in our daily activities as business professionals and consumers.

As a follow-up to that service experience,
many times I’m asked to complete a short

survey to provide feedback. 
I’m happy to oblige.  

Here are some examples, which I’m
sure you might be familiar with:



Booking a flight on a Web site. A short survey pops up to get my thoughts  
on functionality and design of their Web site, ease of navigation, speed of pagination, organization, etc.


– Taking my car in for service. An evaluation card is left on the front passenger seat for me to assess the overall service received, the convenience and time taken to book the service, the cleanliness of my car when I pick it up, etc.


Dining at a restaurant. A code to a survey is included on my receipt for me to complete an on-line survey about my dining experience, i.e. wait time for a table, my waiter, wait time until the food arrives, quality of my meal, etc.


These are but a few of the examples where companies seek the voice of the customer to make our experiences more pleasurable. I’m sure you been asked for your feedback in these or similar situations. 


I must admit, I have become used to receiving great experiences when I shop, dine, or do business.  It brightens my day.  Moreover, I want to continue to receive great experiences.  Providing feedback takes but a small amount of effort to help companies create more value as they listen to us, their customer! 

I commend these businesses for taking the time to obtain the voice of the customer, monitor the service they are providing, and make adjustments as needed – all with the desire to provide us a better service experience. They’ve not only earned my business, but they are building a repeat and loyal customer! 

How about you? Have you seen a connection in providing feedback and an improvement in one of your service experiences?  

Jane Gehlhausen
Vice President

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