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Have you done your scouting report?

Pro sports teams know that one of the keys to winning is doing homework on opposing teams to understand how their team needs to perform relative to the competition. Decisions are made regarding what team strengths will be leveraged and what competitor weaknesses will be exploited, and these are adjusted based upon who teams are competing against.

 Competitive insights from customers can be used in the same fashion and can be a great source of data for teams to action. Account by account, look at the areas where your company is outpacing the competition and leverage those items in the sales process. Alternatively, identify where the competition is doing a better job than you and decide how to close that gap.

These insights are particularly actionable for sales teams. Providing them with a competitive assessment from their customers gives them a scouting report they can use when developing an action plan. Better yet, why not give them an entire playbook? In addition to competitive insights, playbooks are account reports designed to identify:


·         Account priorities

·         Account leads and problems

·         Scores and comments from key contacts

·         Financial, value,  and other account information

Arm your sales teams with the scouting information they need to drive growth in their accounts and win against the competition!

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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