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Heart Form

So You Think you Can Dance,

I can’t believe I missed it!

I missed AdeChike‘s dance and missed hearing Mia Michaels tell him, "Remember. The dance is an art form, but it is a heart form." 

Building customer loyaltyI haven’t heard that word before – "heart form." (I don’t even know if it is one word or two.) 

But, I know I love the term because it means, "my heart is in it."

And, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Building customer loyalty to win the heart of your customers.

Photo credit: kevindooley

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Leslie Pagel

Leslie Pagel

As vice president of customer experience, Leslie is responsible for incorporating the voice of Walker’s customers into the solutions development process. To do this, Leslie spends the majority of her time interacting with Walker account teams, clients, and prospective clients to understand their business challenges. She coordinates several listening posts that are used to drive strong client relationships and enhance our consulting and technology capabilities.

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