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I recently moved to a new state, and during a week of the house hunting extravaganza, I stayed at a local hotel. Browsing my favorite travel Web site that rewards me for frequent bookings, I chose this hotel because it was convenient to the freeway, within my budget, and the pictures looked promising. 

The hotel met my expectations. My only complaint was a slight mildew odor in the room because the exhaust fan wasn’t working properly. After mentioning this to the staff, they were happy to move me to a new room.

After my stay, I received an invitation to take one of those surveys measuring customer satisfaction. I noted the smell in the room, but I also made sure to note the excellent service I received from the staff. A month later, I received an email thanking me for participating and acknowledging my comments:

Ms. Loyd,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you very much for filling out our online survey following your stay with us.  We appreciate your comments regarding the smell of your room and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that was caused to you.  It is only by hearing feedback from our guests that I can work to improve service at our property. We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us here and hope to welcome you back in the near future.

This hotel understood the importance of listening to the voice of the customer and closing the loop on the feedback they receive – a quick email from the manager acknowledging my survey was unexpected and appreciated. 

Amanda Loyd
Customer Experience Analyst


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