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How Do You Balance Your Choosers and Your Users?

So much of strategic account management is time management – making the right decisions about where to spend your time in order to realize the best results. One of the key questions is how much time to spend with people who are the users of your products and services versus people who are the choosers.

Obviously, we’re all trying to ‘work up’ in our accounts and we’re working on building customer loyalty with more senior people – these senior people may be either users or choosers or both. And, some users are more influential on the choosers in your account than others.

How do you maximize your time and influence with these stakeholders? A few basic tips that may prove helpful:

  • List all of the users and choosers with whom you interact in a given account. Give each a 1, 3, or 5 rating (5 being high) in terms of their importance/influence.
  • Take the amount of time you can spend with a particular account in a given week or month and divide it into 3 equal amounts.
  • Spend one-third with choosers rated a 5. Spend one-third with choosers rated a 3. Spend one-third with users rated a 5. And, DON’T spend time with any of the others.

This will be harder than it sounds – it will help if you literally track how you spend your time. As in so many things, time = money. Make your time pay off!

Sonya McAllister
Senior Vice President

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