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How well do you listen?

Are you a good listener?

In business, and in life, much of our success is determined by how well we listen. Our best relationships are built on effective listening. Are you an active and engaged listener? All of us would like to think so.  Have you stopped yourself lately and asked, "How well do I listen"? Are you interested in finding out? 


I came across a listening quiz, offered by Chris Witt of Witt Communications, in San Diego California.  The quiz is at:


I encourage to you take this short quiz (12 questions) and determine whether you are:

1) A Skilled Listener 

2) An Average Listener

3) Or, if you need help.

Being a skilled listener is often hard to do.  We all have busy lives with long to-do lists that create distraction.  Taking an assessment is a great way to see if listening is an area you need to work on.  Effective listening skills will take you a long way in life whether in business with your customers, employees, and associates, or in life with your family and friends, or frankly anyone with whom you come into contact.

If you tested well, congratulations!  If you didn’t test well, start today to improve your listening skills to positively impact all that you come in contact with; you (and the person you are communicating with) will be glad you did.

Jane Gehlhausen
Vice President

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