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I Am A Community Activist

No, I don’t carry a sign on a stick (well, not often); but I do get involved and support causes I believe in.

While we all belong to many communities, we benefit most from the ones we actively participate in – typically those made up of individuals who share our interests, experiences and challenges.  Our communities of choice change over time, but the values at the core of our involvement are constant. 

I believe in collaboration, transparency, and shared learning.  So it’s no surprise that on a personal level I am involved with two parent-led cooperative preschools and with Friends of Lansdowne Park, a community group championing smart development for a significant Ottawa park space.

Now I’m extending my activism to the workplace by joining some new communities.  In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter

  • I’m leading a Yammer group that gives Walker employees a quick and easy way to share and search for best practices and great ideas generated by co-workers.

  • I’m participating in Customer Connection, a Walker-led community open to professionals dedicated to improving the customer experience.

  • I’m discussing strategies for developing relationships and growing accounts on Walker’s SAM Source, a qualified community for professionals dedicated to strategic account management.

I’ve already benefited from consulting with others in these communities: I am using shared learnings to develop a new solution for a client program and to help another relieve some internal ‘admin’ pain.

Get Active!  Join me on SAM Source and/or Customer Connection, or comment here about how you are using professional community activism to your advantage.

(And for more on making the most of your community time online, read Esteban Kolsky’s blog post: You, The Community Manager.)

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

0 thoughts on “I Am A Community Activist

  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for pointing to my post (and participating in my community).

    I don’t think it is coincidental as much that we wrote on similar topics and similar things, I think it is a sign of the times. I see more and more people, clients and friends, thinking of the "obligation" to their communities and stressing about it.

    I like your post because you describe what benefits you have already gained from joining / becoming active in those communities. This is critical for people to realize: how today’s concept of communities is shifting from what it was and it is going to become the common place in our society — and only those who join the change will benefit from it (at least initially).

    Thanks for posting this, it will help move the concept forward

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