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I heart biomarketing and employee loyalty

I am blessed in my job to get to meet with executives from some impressive companies.  These are executives that really understand the importance of employee loyalty and are trying new and creative things to get and keep employees engaged. 

I met Neal Rothermel, Principal Officer, with VMS, a biomarketing company, a couple of weeks ago.  As I was learning about his company, he shared with me they do some sort of employee themed campaign three times a year.  Their current overall them is I heart biomarketing and the specific campaign for the current period is all around summer camp.  

How this works is employees can earn a badge in one of five areas; giving, earth, spirit, adventure, and passion.  Within each area are a series of specific things the employees can do that will earn them points. (See the image below.)


The employees with the most points will be entered into a drawing for a weekend in Las Vegas for two.  Let me say that again, the winner gets a weekend in Las Vegas for two.  OK, in case you did not catch that, the winner gets a weekend in Las Vegas for two.  

I got to thinking, why can’t more companies do this?  I mean, this is not a difficult concept.   You find things that get the employees involved and engaged, put a little campaign around it and have some sort of reward for those involved (it does not always need to be a trip to Vegas but if you want to go that route, I am in).  While the trip to Vegas takes some money, the impact this campaign has on employee loyalty (and the corresponding impact on turnover and productivity) far outweighs the cost.  Unfortunately, still too many organizations would only see the cost for the trip to Vegas, not the return on that investment.  Again, it does not have to be a trip to Vegas, it could be a gift card, a t-shirt, something that acknowledges and recognizes the employee. 

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Chris Woolard

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