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I Know Exactly What My Customer Thinks of Us

Have you ever heard this from a Strategic Account Manager? Maybe you’ve thought it yourself – or even said it to someone. I’ve seen an account manager go so far as to block any other access to his customer – because any question about that account which needs to be answered can be handled by him.

While it’s true, we do know a lot about the accounts we manage and how they view our company, I’ve got evidence that suggests we don’t know everything.

We launched our annual client feedback process this week, and I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve learned something new (or at least a new angle on a current issue) from every single person who has responded from my accounts – often about additional ways we could be helping them.

It’s not just me. The owner of the largest account at one of my clients learned enough when we initially asked for some feedback at his account that he included 5x the number of people for providing feedback the following year.

Customers often tell us things via this avenue which they may not otherwise because:

-they know others in the company besides us will see their input

-they want the chance to shape our company’s future plans and directions

-they are interested in our success and sincerely want to help

So, even though we know a lot about our customers, we should really encourage them to participate in our companies’ customer loyalty programs. We learn some things (often ways to grow and expand our relationship), and we get the benefit of increased visibility to our customers’ issues within our company.

Sonya McAllister

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