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If I Were CEO

Some of my colleagues and I are in the midst of preparing several executive-level client presentations. These are summaries of voice-of-the-customer input which will be shared with the CEO and executive staffs of these companies. 

This is a great situation. We know these CEOs want this information. Here are a couple of pieces of proof:

1.       We’ve been citing this Economist study quite a lot: The Digital Company 2013, How Technology Will Empower the Customer. From it, we learn that executives believe their most innovative ideas will come from customers rather than their own R&D functions going forward – and they believe customer information will be their primary competitive differentiator.

2.       IBM released their 2010 Global CEO Study. From their interviews with 1,500 global CEOs, they found that "CEOs are making ‘getting connected’ to customers their highest priority…"

So, we’re ready to seize these opportunities, and this means we’ve been having lots of discussions like: If I were CEO of Company X, what would I want to hear about our customers?

Here are some key emerging themes:

-Share anything we’ve learned regarding future business – whether customers are planning to spend more and which types of customers provide the best growth opportunity

-Highlight what aspects of the current customer experience (the entire combination of their product and service offering) should be leveraged or improved to capture the future business

-Align with special interests – while the top two items are most key, it’s a good idea to also include anything you may have that you know is a current hot topic for the CEO (whether relevant to your overall story or not)

What else would you want to know if you were CEO?

Sonya McAllister

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