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Imagine, become a customer expert in 3 days!

This made me chuckle – I recently received promotional material for a conference that read:

"Imagine if you could be an expert in customer loyalty in just 3 days…"

I’ve been in marketing for more than 20 years so I know how bold statements are used to sell. However, I also know what happens when you over-promise and under-deliver.

But wait, for a moment lets consider what would need to be covered in three days to make someone an expert. I’m going to narrow it down to six key things. 

  • First, an expert would need to know how to measure customer loyalty in a very practical way. This means gathering all the right customer insights so the information can really be put to use.
  • Next, they would need understand what drives loyalty – how it is relevant and where resources should be focused to improve business performance. This would include making sure customer strategies aligned with the strategies of the business.
  • Communication would be part of an expert’s training. Everyone has to be aware of the customer strategies and understand the role they play.
  • An expert would also need to know how to prompt action. They must be able to mobilize their employees to put customer information to use in the most productive ways.
  • Experts must validate the impact of their work. They will need to uderstand how to determine if the application of customer insights is showing a positive return on their investment.
  • Finally, they need to know how to manage all the people and resources for their customer strategies. Experts must build an infrastructure so that customer loyalty is more than a catch-phrase — it is a real strategy with real impact on the business.
This six items are also covered in a white paper on our website. And… if you read it now, you’ll become an expert in 15 minutes!!!!! Okay, not really. Actually, you may simply pick up a few practical ideas to help you on the journey to being an expert.

Patrick Gibbons
Principal, SVP

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Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

As Principal and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Walker, Gibbons has global responsibility for definition, branding, and promotion of the company and its solutions. Gibbons has published and/or contributed to a number of articles, papers, and blogs on customer intelligence topics and has a regular column in CRM Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at a wide range of conferences, and has produced a series of educational events for customer experience leaders.

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