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In their own words

The past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time reading customer comments submitted in their survey feedback. And when I say “a lot of time,” I mean, a LOT of time.


The more time I spend reading through these comments, the more I realize that everyone should be reading these comments. Maybe not every single comment, but there are some customers who tell us very succinctly (and for the most part, politely) what they see going on in the relationship – calling out the strengths, the weaknesses and what they want to see improved. These comments are what tie together all of the numbers, all of the quantitative aspects of the information and summarizes it in a handful of statements, directly from the customer. These are the comments that should be shared with those who need to take action on the feedback.


The challenge I’ve given myself, and would challenge all who are responsible for driving action, is to be sure to incorporate customer voices along with all the numbers. We may find that by using the customer voice, truly in their own words, it will help drive understanding of customer perceptions and motivate others to take action.


Lauri Jones

Senior Analyst

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